Top 5 Endearing Strategies Of Dragon Tiger Game

Experts always recommend using strategies over luck in the Dragon Tiger game. It will surely increase your winning chances.

If you are looking for thrilling casino games, then Dragon Tiger is the best suited for you. With its growing popularity in the online casino world, it is one of the most played games around the globe. Though this game looks like a simple, straightforward one, you need to rely on strategies for winning. As it is a game of luck and guess, a proper strategy will increase your winning possibility. This article pens down the various techniques you need to follow to mark your winning chances in the Dragon Tiger game.  

Placing bets on Tiger or Dragon

This is one of the best strategies for playing and winning the Dragon Tiger game. It is advisable to place the bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger as both have a 50-50 chance of winning and other great bonuses. If you place your wager on a tie, you will get back half of your original stake and will have a minimal profit margin. Moreover, the house edge is 3.73% for both wagers. Thus making it the lowest of all possible wagers.

Count the cards

This strategy is a great one to follow up for winning. It involves properly tracking cards and counts since very few cards are dealt. For example, keep track and count the number of 7s and how many are dealt from the card deck. It will help you to place your wager efficiently and wisely.

Try not to Wager on ties

Though betting on a tie has a pretty huge payout of 8:1, you will have very few chances of winning. Statistically speaking, there can be 86320 different combinations of cards, out of which only 6488 have the potential of a draw. Moreover, it has a massive house advantage of 32.77%. Hence, do not bet on a tie.

Never Rush Early

Always have proper knowledge about the game. Rather than jumping into a bet, understand the game properly and pick out an appropriate strategy for winning. It is advisable to observe the dealer carefully and note down the results of each hand which in turn helps you to place your future bets efficiently. Don’t rush; take your time and place your bets correctly.

Always Set a Limit for Yourself

Placing smaller wagers multiple times allows you to safeguard your money from draining. Moreover, always have a betting limit, and you should abide by that. Stick to your boundary and play according to your bankroll. It will help you limit your expense, and you will have control over your bankroll.


The Dragon Tiger game may look quite simple. It still requires a perfect strategy for winning. It is a game of luck and guessing, and also requires some strategy to increase your chances of winning. Hence, try out these strategies on UFABET, an online casino platform, and take away some massive winning amount.

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