Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Gambling Holiday

When planning a casino vacation, accommodation, security, and local regulations and laws are important factors to consider

If you are planning to go on a gambling holiday, there are certain things to consider besides the choice of a casino. One factor is where you will be staying, whether at a casino hotel or another type of accommodation. Here are some reasons why a casino hotel can be a good choice.

Luxury Accommodation

Most casino resorts offer luxury rooms with plenty of amenities to enjoy, including night turndown service, fully-stocked mini bar, private balcony, marble vanities and bathroom floors, and deep soaking bathtub. Luxury suites also feature automatic lighting controls, digital newspapers, complimentary full-size bathroom toiletries, and a welcome sweet treat basket. Casino hotels also feature the full suite of amenities such a spa, pools, fitness center, shopping arcades, and restaurants and bars. Most hotels also offer complimentary wi-fi for guests to stay current on the latest news and visit their favorite online gambling sites. They also offer to organize different types of events such as conferences, meetings, weddings, and banquets.

Free Rooms

If you are a high-stake player or a member of their rewards program, you may be able to get a room upgrade and even a free room. But even if you are not a VIP member, some resorts offer discounted accommodation that is cheaper than in other luxury properties. The idea behind offering discounts is to ensure that guests stay in the resort to spend money on the casino floor, in bars, restaurants, and shopping venues. As part of their loyalty programs, casino resorts also offer complimentary shuttle service, hotel packages, free parking, and discounts at participating retailers and restaurants.


Casino resorts have some of the tightest security policies and many employ independent security firms. Some hotels also have a police presence and there are cameras virtually everywhere.

What Else You Should Know

If you are travelling overseas, it pays to check things like gambling and drinking age and tipping. In some countries you are expected to always tip or it is an appreciated practice. Such countries are, for example, Argentina, Canada, Chile, and Denmark. In other countries, tipping is actually considered rude, such being Japan and South Korea. In still others, it is not a standard practice, but rounding up is appreciated like in Spain, Russia, Italy, and France.

You may want to check the drinking and gambling age as well as you might land yourself in legal trouble. In most countries in Europe, the UK, and Australia, you must be 18 to play in a casino. The gambling age is 19 in Canada while in the US, each state has its own minimum age. In most states it is 21 but there are some in which the minimum age is 18. As mentioned already, casino security is tight.

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